Frequently Asked Questions

Bee is a ondemand service application founded by BEE SARL in 2018 firstly in Cameroon, Africa.
The Application is the great way of travelling, servicing and ordering all with your smart phone and all in a single tap. Tap and look for your ride/service/order, Tap and book your ride/service/order and Tap and complete your ride/service/order . Your tap brings the driver to you for the best riding experience of your life, each one better than the previous one.No hassles of direction giving as your drivers know exactly where you want to go. Payment completed via your Cash/Card or any dynamic payment gateway. Just sit back and enjoy your ride/service and order in your own way!!
With a diverse network of restaurants, delicious eateries and a fast and dedicated delivery team. With Bee Food you can completely order your favorite food anytime, anywhere.
Eliminate all the worries when moving from daily traffic such as traffic jams, parking spaces, non-traffic on the street, Bee with a team of dedicated drivers created to provide optimal service for all needs.
Delivering goods has never been easier with Bee Delivry. The optimal solution to help you: deliver mail, deliver - receive goods, deliver gifts, products safely, quickly and economically.
Bee Driver are responsible for utilizing a vehicle which is provided to pick up passengers from a specified location and quickly and safely deliver them to their drop-off destination. They are expected to provide professional and courteous service to all passengers. As a part of this customer service, drivers assist riders with their luggage, bags, grocery, etc. when they enter and exit the vehicle.
A partnership is a formal arrangement by two or more parties to manage and operate a business and share its profits.
Bee Corporate is the partnership of other company with Bee for using the Bee Services.