Explore the BEE app

The BEE app provides a last mile delivery service option (BEE Delivery) coupled with a ride hailing service using motorcycle (BEE Moto). The app is readily available for IOS and Android devices

Fixed Price

No need to worry about bargaining price with drivers . Bee will calculate the price before your trip and you pay the fixed price


Both driver and passenger are given standard helmet to ensure safety

Free Hairnet

To maintain hygienity free hairnet is provided to every passenger for the trip

Enter Destination

Enter the destination location where you need to reach

Price Estimation

Estimated price for the destination location is calculated

Drivers Availability

Looks for the nearby drivers for your trip

Enjoy Ride!

Enjoy your safe trip with BEE

BEE Moto

BeeMoto offers you a safe way to move around Douala Cameroon. You can conveniently hail a motorcycle ride with the tap of a button and have a Driver (rider) pick and drop you or your packages off at your destination.

Bee Partner

With BeePartner, your dispatch needs are covered in bulk. Get your packages delivered to multiple locations with dedicated Drivers. Now you can send goods or documents fast and easy.

Meet Our Drivers

Bee Drivers all recieve extensive training to make
them the safest and most professional drivers on the streets.

"Since I became a Driver, I have been able to make a living and properly take care of myself and Family. Thank you Bee."

Ngassa Michel

"One of the reasons I like working at Bee is because we are a big Family and everybody here is treated with respect."

Long mabom

"I started working in Bee to support my family. And Now they all Happy. Thank you Bee for this best opportunity."

Nguechou mongho

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